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Fine Stuff - Internal Top Coat Lime Render


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Size: 1/2 tonne



Our non hydraulic fine stuff lime plaster is made on site using a 1:2 mix of our MATURED LIME PUTTY and SILVER SAND

  • Ideal for the top 3-5mm finishing coat on internal plaster.
  • Available in 25kg bags, 1 tonne and half tonne bulk bags. Or choose a 1.5kg pouch for repair to a small area.

What is non hydraulic lime?

Non hydraulic lime is lime in its purest form. It sets once in contact with air through a process of carbonation. The slow setting process means non hydraulic lime remains softer and more breathable. It is good for internal plasterwork and for use on soft backgrounds such as cob, soft stone or friable materials. There is more information on the differences between hydraulic and non hydraulic limes in our user guide WHICH LIME?.

Applying non hydraulic lime plaster

Lime putty plaster has a long shelf life if kept within the airtight containers. If left for a period of time, it will start to settle and simply require 'knocking up' before use.









As a Finish Coat of Plaster

1 tonne will plaster 120m sq @ 3mm thickness. A 25kg tub/bag will cover 2.5 - 3.5m sq @ 3mm.

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simply the best! - Have been getting products from Limestuff since 2008. They really care about their customers and products and always available for advice and support. Customer service 10 out of 10. Susan Wilson 2018-08-21

Fine Stuff plaster - I used this product, on a patch repair to a lime plastered ceiling. It was ready-mixed, and easy to use, and polished to a flat surface. Proud of my repair (though I'm not a plasterer!) Adrian 2015-11-11

Fine Stuff does the trick. - I have used fine stuff on a several occasions now and find it so very convenient being ready mixed. Saves all that time and mess, you can use as little or as much as is needed and the results are good consistently. Excellent for those jobs that need a good finish. thank you. P. G. 2016-04-28

Fine stuff plaster - Excellent quality product. Have used various grades of plaster and comes in a convenient 25kg tub that I have used for small repairs. It's also not expensive. Jonathan 2016-09-17

walls of listed building - Does a good job easy to work with but it takes 72 hours plus to dry out, well packaged and made it easy to use. Mike from M&M 2016-10-04

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