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Earthborn Silicate Primer


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Size: 5 litre


For long lasting paintwork on masonry walls, a first coat of Earthborn Silicate Primer is ideal.

  • Ideal for stabilising loose, powdery surfaces prior to painting, Earthborn Silicate Primer is specially formulated as a base coat for Earthborn SILICATE MASONRY PAINT.
  • Can be used on old or new masonry, all mineral surfaces including brick, stone, concrete, pebble dash, limewash, plaster and render.
  • Earthborn Silicate Primer is water based and VOC free, allows walls to breathe and helps prevent algae growth.
  • Excellent for applying to any bare mineral surface as a 'breathable sealer' to stop dusting from internal walls with minimal sheen.
  • For areas where you have old paint which can't be removed use the BONDING PRIMER. 



Earthborn Silicate Primer is easy to apply with a standard brush, roller or suitable spray gun.  Allow 5 - 7 sq m/litre, depending on absorbency of substrate, and 12 hours drying time.

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good investment - Very good product, it works well with the paint. 2019-07-23

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