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100g of Horse Hair


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Why use animal hair in lime plasters?

Animal hair can be added to lime plasters and renders to give the mix extra tensile strength.  It acts as a natural reinforcement and effective bonding key.

  • Horse hair is coarse dark hair for use in the backing coats internally and externally. 
  • Sold in bundles of approx. 100g, although this will vary.*
  • A bundle of approximately 100g will be required for an area of 4sqm of lath or 6sqm of solid wall.
  • As a general rule, use 25g of animal hair per 25kg of lime plaster.

Animal hair for lath and lime plastering

The use of animal hair is particulary important when lime plastering onto laths, as the plaster doesn't adhere well to timber once dried. A lime plaster for laths will require more hair than a plaster which is being applied to solid wall. See our HOW TO LIME PLASTER ONTO LATHS user guide for more information.

Adding the hair to the lime plaster

It is important when adding hair to ensure that it is evenly distributed throughout the mix.  Clumps of hair in a lime plaster will create weak points.

The hair should be added to the plaster just before application as the alkalinity of the lime attacks the protein in the hair causing it to dissolve over a period of time.

There is more information about additives in our ADDITIVES FOR LIME PLASTER user guide.


*Bundle sizes vary therefore you may recieve more or fewer bundles than ordered to make the exact weight ordered.

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Wood burning pizza oven - I build wood burning pizza ovens and have only just found Limestuff . Excellent service delivered on time good product . What more can I say but Bellisimo . And I will definitely use again Raphael Tommasini 2018-05-24

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