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Old House Eco Handbook

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Old House Eco Handbook


A practical guide to retrofitting for energy-efficiency & sustainability. Old House Eco Handbook is a companion volume to the authors' highly successful Old House Handbook, published in association with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB). It seeks to answer the questions home owners and others are asking about how to make old houses - medieval and timber framed, Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian terraces - energy efficient and sustainable.

The refurbishment or 'retrofitting' of old houses to meet new requirements into the future is now high on governments agenda. Our houses are, by their nature, a sustainable asset. Their refurbishment is becoming a priority as attempts are made to address millions of energy sapping, poorly insulated and far from airtight homes. Energy efficiency, in particular, is vital to cut carbon emissions, a major contributor to global warming.

How should we go about this without devaluing future sustainability or the appeal and character of old homes by the use of inappropriate solutions? Old House Eco Handbook sets out to provide the answers. The SPAB, at the forefront of research into old house energy efficiency, is the ideal partner for this book.


Marianne Suhr is a Chartered Building Surveyor specialising in the repair of historic buildings. Roger Hunt is an award winning writer and blogger with a particular interest in sustainable and vernacular architecture and the materials and techniques used in construction.


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Old House Eco handbook - -(I'm learning how to restore a Victorian house) Lots of really helpful info re specific products and processes, in particular working with solid construction and lime plasters/renders - invaluable diagrams of moisture movement in old walls (helped my husband really get what I was going on about!) - some parts of book padded with slightly pointless photos Jo 2017-08-01

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