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Earthborn Interior Claypaint Colourcard


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Earthborn claypaint is an exciting alternative to emulsion which has a distinctive, ultra matt finish that softens and enhances the light in your room. Its health and environmental benefits are unbeatable too. Advanced techniques which maximise the natural properties of clay create a high performance paint that is free of VOCs and other harmful emissions, odour free, totally oil free and highly breathable.

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great colours - great chart and really good colour selections 2015-06-12

Colour cards - Very worthwhile. Great colour choice. Will certainly use when render complete. Thanks Pete McPherson 2016-10-04

Colour explosion - Have the colour card and am impressed with the choice of colours. I just cannot wait o use my first natural paint. Maureen Horswell 2018-04-02

Colour cards - A great selection of colour and texture,Quit impressed! James Ager 2019-06-20

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