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Clay Cob Block - Strocks

A structural block of clay rich earth and chopped straw, Strocks can be used for internal and external load bearing walls typically up to 3 storeys.

Strocks are bedded in our thin bed clay mortar from the same clay as the blocks creating a homogenous earth wall.


Internal and external load bearing walls

High mass internal walls

New build homes

Repair of earthen buildings

Structural base to earth floors


Extremely low embodied energy

Structurally proven

100% natural healthy materials

Easy and quick to lay

Density                                     1350kg / cubic metre

Thermal Conductivity             0.2 (W/mK)

Compressive Strength          2.6N/mm2 (standard)  4.6N/mm2 (high strength)

425 x 215 x 95mm