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Earthborn Casein Filler


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Earthborn Casein Filler is an effective, long lasting repair to walls and ceilings. It is also the perfect complement to EARTHBORN CLAYPAINT - an environmentally friendly and breathable wall and ceiling paint. 

Earthborn Casein Filler has a smaller carbon footprint than most fillers. It is based on the natural milk protein casein and white lime. Less energy is used to make it because it is titanium dioxide free.

But there is no loss of performance. Earthborn Casein Filler has excellent adhesive qualities, making it easier to fill cracks and holes in plaster and other surfaces. Once applied, it remains flexible and lasts exceptionally well.

Suitable for interior or exterior use, Earthborn Casein Filler is water repellent yet breathable. It is supplied in powder form for mixing as required.

  • Easy to apply, easy to sand.
  • Flexible, long lasting.
  • Breathable, healthier to use.
  • Water repellent.
  • Titanium dioxide free, less energy used in manufacture.
  • Ideal with all Earthborn wall and ceiling paints.

Customer Reviews (5)


A must have. I always have this in stock now. Wonderfully workable with spatula, and can even be applied by a paint brush and then allowed to semi-dry then smoothed over with heel of hand (not sure about H&S implications!). Being a powder, you can mix a small batch and apply. Hint: I use a bamboo food tray (the type used in posh ready meals) to mix it in, just the right size and shape, and can be easily washed out for using again and again.

I like Volvox filler - I used Volvox filler to fill in little gaps in my old lath and plaster walls and on my plaster cornices. It does shrink quite a bit, but for the bigger holes I used medium stuff. I like it better than fine casting plaster as it is far easier to sand to the required depth/shape. It adheres good to the plaster surface too. All in all a good product I will use again and can recommend to anybody doing some patching up! Jacky Dahlhaus 2015-04-21

superb product - Lovely texture to fill in fine cracks and rough surfaces. Kate 2016-07-12

Volvox filler - Old lathe and plaster ceilings had some large but mainly hairline cracks. Helpful advice by staff in the selection of this product. After raking out cracks,applied creamy mix and left to set.Further filling after. So far seems to be doing a perfect job.Excellent product. cinderellaman 2017-03-30

Perfect - Had previously bought some ready mixed lime filler but for some reason it wouldn't stick and flaked away very eary. This one did the business. Smooth finish no cracking and easily sanded. Alan K 2017-04-25

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