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Product Code: Graphenstone GCS Exterior Paint-A-1800



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Graphenstone GCS Exterior Paint-A-1800


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Heritage paint for exteriors

The GCS Exterior Premium range of paints combine lime, silicate and natural minerals and are ideally suited for heritage properties. They leave an ultra matt, mineral finish, with Class 1 breathability for use with traditional materials such as lime renders. Can also be used on cement renders and on previously painted surfaces.

  • Flat Matt – Rich natural finish
  • Traditional – Natural lime and silicate paint
  • Breathable - Reduces condensation and allows walls to breathe
  • Durable –Wet scrub resistant: class 1
  • Healthy – Free of VOC's and harmful toxins
  • Colourfast– uses strong exterior pigments

Strengthened with graphene.

GCS Exterior Premium is perfect for decorating façades for a coloured, matte finish. Specially selected pigments ensure tough and long-lasting colours. It guarantees the sustainability, durability and breathability of your building.

Often used for heritage & listed properties; highly breathable.

We would recommend applying a coat of  Graphenstone L42 Ambient Primer prior to use. This homogenises and reduces the absorption of the substrate, subsequently reducing the amount of paint needed.

Please note that testers are only available in the GSC Interior range and will be despatched as such. Colours are the same, the exterior paint just has algicide added to the final product.

Coverage: Up to 18m²/L

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