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Eco Right Eminent Strength Mortar - NHL5 based


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This is often referred to as an eminent mix but now designated as M5 with the following proportion 1:2 lime: sand. EcoRight M5 Hydraulic Lime Mortar will reach HLM2.5 (class III) at 28 days and HLM5 (class II) at 91 days (high resistance to freezing & thawing and a high resistance to sulphates). Often used where a higher level of durability is required and in areas subject to potential severe weathering such as chimneys, copings as well as areas below dpc.

The Eco Right range has been developed to allow users to prepare highly durable lime mortars, plasters and renders without specialist knowledge. They are suitable for almost any application, with the exception of gypsum plasterboard and other non porous backgrounds.

A mix of hydraulic lime and selected sands (max 3mm particles)

The key benefits include:

  • Can be used for mortars, renders and plasters
  • Saves time as there is no gauging or sourcing of additional materials
  • Easy to use; just add water and mix in a conventional drum mixer
  • Excellent performance characteristics
  • Consistent mortar quality and mix ratios
  • Superb flexibility, breathability, vapour permeability and longevity

They have been carefully designed to meet strict performance criteria and are produced using kiln dried sands and natural hydraulic lime.

The Eco Right range is available in 25kg bags or one tonne bags.  Also available in the moderate colours for larger orders.


A 25kg bag will lay 25 bricks with a 10mm joint.  As a render a 25kg bag will cover 1.25m2 at a depth of 9mm.

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