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Matured Fine Lime Putty


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Matured lime putty, available in chalk or buxton, supplied in 15 litre and 5ltr tubs.

What is Lime Putty?

Lime putty is often regarded as the most appropriate lime to use in the conservation of old buildings where maximum permeability is required. Chalk lime putty is stiffer than the pure white Buxton lime putty but creates a more firm stickier mortar and is better used in a forced action mixer or roller pan mixer.

How is Lime Putty made?

Our Lime Putty (also called wet lime, non hydraulic lime, putty lime, fat lime) is produced by slaking fresh Quicklime in an excess of water. It is slaked into a permeable container for the excess water to drain before being transfered into sealed containers to fully mature for a period of at least one month. We only use powdered 90micron Quicklime as opposed to the cheaper lump quicklime. The resulting fat lime putty does not require sieving and is exceptionally smooth.  Lime puttys only harden as a result of exposure to the air /re-carbonation and does not set under water.


• Produced using a fine powdered quicklime not lump lime to ensure that there are never any unslaked particles and there is no risk of 'popping'.

• Matured for a minimum of 1 month before being put into tubs with a layer of water on top.


  • Used to create mortars and plasters mainly for historic buildings, soft masonry or where exact mortar matches are important. See how it has been used in our SALISBURY CATHEDRAL case study.
  • For producing traditional limewashes. We also dilute it to make our OFF-WHITE LIMEWASH and PURE-WHITE LIMEWASH.

Lime Putty Mortar Mix

• Use without the addition of water.

• As a rough guide 1 volume of putty mixed with 3 volumes of sand produces 3 volumes of mortar/plaster.




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Lime Putty - Silky smooth great product - mixed with sand for a very good plaster. 2017-04-10

Beautiful mature creamy putty - Top quality, delivered promptly on a pallet. Excellent value. Makes fantastic limewash. Brian Metcalfe 2018-04-04

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