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Product Code: Mapei Silancolor-A-2746

Soft Blush


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Mapei Silancolor-A-2746


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What is different about Mapei Silancolor paint

Mapei Silancolor is a silicone resin based paint that has the advantage of traditional mineral based paints as well as synthetic paints. Thanks to Silancolor paint's special formula, it leaves the substrate permeable to water vapour and considerably water repellent.

  • Use on surfaces where very high water repellence and excellent vapour-permeability is required for the substrate. 
  • Can be used on all cement or lime based renders.
  • Can be painted over existing paint.
  • Requires an initial coat of SILANCOLOR PRIMER

The benefits of using Mapei Silancolor

  • Unlike normal synthetic paints, Silancolor paint does not create a film that is a barrier to water vapour because it creates a porous film and at the same time the use of special silicone resins does not let liquid water penetrate, ensuring an always dry render.
  • Silancolor Paint is highly resistant to alkalis, cleaning, UV rays and general weathering without altering its properties.
  • Silancolor Paint does not only protect the surface, but has a very pleasing smooth, opaque and velvet effect to the touch.
  • It is also suitable for applications in interiors on gypsum or old paints as long as they are well bonded to the substrate, do not chalk and Silancolor Primer has been applied previously.

Please be aware that the colours shown here are a representation only. COLOURCARDS are available. 

Consumption (kg/m2):  0.3/0.4 for two coats.

Coverage of 20kg tub: 50-66m2 for two coats.

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