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Secil Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL3.5


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Size: Full Pallet - 40 bags


Secil Natural Lime NHL 3.5 is a moderately hydraulic lime, causing a medium set. It's the most popular NHL and suitable for most applications including brickwork, repointing and rendering. 

Suitable for masonry and external plaster works and for new build work.

  • Easy to use, powdered lime.
  • Portuguese lime (Socli)
  • Off white in colour.

What is hydraulic lime?

Hydraulic lime sets by a process called hydrolysis, a reaction caused by water.  They are faster setting than non hydraulic limes and more durable, meaning they are well suited to use external use, especially in damp or exposed conditions.  There is more information about the differences between hydraulic lime and non hydraulic lime in our WHICH LIME user guide.

Hydraulic lime is sold as a bagged powder, which means that it is mixed and applied in the same way as a modern cement. It is available in differing degrees of strength, classified as feeble hydraulic, moderately hydraulic and eminently hydraulic.

How do I mix hydraulic lime?

A standard drum mixer can be used to mix hydraulic lime, although a roller pan or paddle mixer is prefereable for larger projects.

In an empty mixer, add 1 part sand, followed by 1 part lime and then 2 parts sand.  Mix dry for at least 5 minutes.  Gradually mix in the water until the required consistency is reached. Mix for a further twenty minutes.  There are more details in our HOW TO MIX HYDRAULIC LIME  or LIME PLASTERING user guides.





For plastering/rendering

A 25kg bag will cover 8m sq at 10mm

As a Finish Plaster

A 25kg bag will cover 26.5m sq @ 3mm

For Pointing

A 25kg bag will point 16m sq of brickwork.

A 25kg bag will repoint 10m sq of rubble.

For Laying Bricks

25kg will lay approximately 125 with 10mm joints

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lath and lime plaster ceilings - Great to work with well advised by lime stuff on the correct materials to work with thank you Ken Stanley 2017-05-02

cob / flint wall - Really good lime to work with many thanks to Dave and his team for there valid input Ken Stanley 2017-05-03

NHL 3.5 - Nice product - Bought this a few times now - regular size / mixes well / predictable results every time . Used mostly for render backing coats. Team at Lime Stuff also very helpful. 2017-11-24

great service and advice - I had never used lime before but the advice on the website was clear and worked perfectly, happily recommended this product and the company Peter Dobson 2018-09-18

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