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Coarse Stuff - Lime Render


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How is non hydraulic lime mortar/plaster/render made?

Our non-hydraulic Coarse Stuff lime render is made at our warehouse using traditional hot lime methods. It is a wet mix and ready to use straight from the bag or tub.

  • Ideal for backing coats of internal plasters or exterior render.
  • The limestone and flint grit also make it ideal for flint work or pointing rubble stone as the combination maintains the white mortar colour with flecks of dark particles.
  • Available in 25kg bags or 8kg tubs. For larger orders, choose  a tonne bag or a full pallet of 25kg bags.

What is non hydraulic lime?

Non hydraulic lime is lime in its purest form. It sets in contact with air through a process of carbonation.  The slow setting process means non hydraulic lime remains softer and more breathable. It is ideal for use on soft backgrounds such as cob, soft stone or friable material. There is more information on the differences between hydraulic and non hydraulic limes in our User Guide WHICH LIME? 

Applying non hydraulic lime

Non hydraulic lime render has a long shelf life if kept within the airtight containers. If left for a period of time, it will start to settle and simply require 'knocking up' before use.

It is important that there is no risk of frost or extreme temperatures when applying non hydraulic lime renders. Ice crystals forming within the lime render will greatly increase the time it will take the carbonisation process to take place. Using HESSIAN as an insulation barrier will protect from frost action and is vital during the winter months or if high temperatures are forecast.

Teasing animal hair into the lime render just before use will increase the tensile strength of the render. The hair acts as a natural reinforcement and effective bonding key. We supply HORSE HAIR in 100g bundles. Or have a look at our user guide on ADDITIVES FOR LIME PLASTER.

Polypropylene Fibres

We also have the option of a ready mixed render made with the addition of polypropylene fibres. Polypropylene fibres work in the same way as the addition of horse hair in adding extra strength to the mix. However, they have the advantage of being cheaper and much eaiser to add to the mix.



**If you are ordering a large quantity to arrive by pallet, please advise us of any site or access restrictions at the time of ordering.  Please be aware that delivery will be via a nationwide pallet service that will not provide a crane offload.  See our delivery terms and conditions for more details.**



As a Backing Coat of Plaster

1 tonne will plaster 48m sq @ 10mm thickness. A 25kg tub/bag will cover 1.2m sq @ 10mm

As a Finish Coat of Plaster

1 tonne will plaster 120m sq @ 3mm thickness. A 25kg tub/bag will cover 2.5 - 3.5m sq @ 3mm

For Pointing

1 tonne will point 100 - 120m sq of stonework. A 25kg tub/bag will point 4m sq in standard joints.

For Laying Bricks

1 tonne will lay approximately 900 bricks

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