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Marshalltown Paint Pail


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Engineered for both professionals and DIYers to maximize efficiency while painting, made from Solvent-resistant, non-stick material which works with all paints and stains. It features a tear-drop design with a pronounced pour spout for easy, mess-free pouring and two wiping blades to rid excess paint from loaded paint brush.

The Heavy-Duty Pail comes with an adjustable nylon cinch strap that comfortably fits any hand and a convenient thumb rest provides a secure, comfortable grip.

The paint brush magnet holds your brush up to 2" wide in an optimal brush resting position when not in use and allows excess paint to drip back into the pail.

Make your next paint project easier with a MARSHALLTOWN Paint Pail.

  • 950ml capacity.
  • Integrated pour spout for easy paint transfer.
  • Solvent-resistant, non-stick material for use with paint and stains.
  • Brush magnet allows for optimal brush resting position, up to a 2" brush.
  • Adjustable nylon cinch strap comfortably fits any hand size.
  • Convenient thumb guard and ergonomic grooves provide more comfortable grip.
  • Two wiping blades to rid excess paint from brush in one movement from loaded paint brush.

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