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Mapei Silexcolor Silicate Primer


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Silexcolor Primer is a modified potassium silicate-based primer in a water solution.  It is to be used before applying the products of the SILEXCOLOR RANGE.

Silexcolor Primer penetrates deeply into porous substrates without forming a film and without altering the vapour diffusion.  It uniforms the absorption of the substrate, ensures an excellent adhesion of the finishing coat, promoting the silication process.  After it has dried completely (at least 12 hours at 20°C), Silexcolor Primer can be painted over with the products of the Silexcolor range.

Silexcolor Primer does not contain organic substances and is formulated according to DIN 18363 standard.
Silexcolor Primer is ready-to-use, it must not be diluted with solvents or water and, after it has been mixed, it is applied in a single coat using conventional methods, brush, roller or spray.

Packaging: 10 kg drums.


Consumption: 100-150 g/m2, depending on the porosity of the substrate

Coverage: 10kg covers 67-100m2

Customer Reviews (2)


Excellant paint system - When combined with the same make paint as a two coat paint system the finish is superb. The primer provided a great bonding product to paint on with the same brand paint...Very happy... Ian green 2016-10-06

Brilliant stuff - Easy to use, no fumes, economical. Jackie 2018-06-17

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