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Graphenstone GrafClean Exterior Mid Sheen


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Size: 4L

Color: Old Lilac (E)


Revolutionary tough, natural mineral eco paint in colour for Exteriors.

  • Flat Eggshell Finish – 10-12% sheen level
  • Scrubbable - For the most demanding areas. Wet scrub resistant class 1
  • Multi Surface – Perfect for exterior masonry, brickwork, walls, primed metal and wall tiles       
  • Natural Vegetable Resin - Smooth, easy application
  • Odourless – Virtually no smell
  • Healthy – Free of VOC's and harmful toxins.

Strengthened with graphene.

GrafClean Mid Sheen Exterior Colour is a multi purpose, VOC free, eco- paint. It is tough, durable and washable, perfect for exterior  applications that require the most cleaning.

Specially formulated to be used on Exterior walls, masonry and primed metal.

**IMPORTANT!! To ensure adherence onto woodwork or trim, always apply a coat of Four2Four Primer, prior to application of Grafclean Mid Sheen**

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