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Mapei Silancolor Exterior Paint


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Size: Tester Pot

Colours: White


What is different about Mapei Silancolor paint

Mapei Silancolor is a silicone resin based paint that has the advantage of traditional mineral based paints as well as synthetic paints. Thanks to Silancolor paint's special formula, it leaves the substrate permeable to water vapour and considerably water repellent.

  • Use on surfaces where very high water repellence and excellent vapour-permeability is required for the substrate. 
  • Can be used on all cement or lime based renders.
  • Can be painted over existing paint.
  • Requires an initial coat of SILANCOLOR PRIMER

The benefits of using Mapei Silancolor

  • Unlike normal synthetic paints, Silancolor paint does not create a film that is a barrier to water vapour because it creates a porous film and at the same time the use of special silicone resins does not let liquid water penetrate, ensuring an always dry render.
  • Silancolor Paint is highly resistant to alkalis, cleaning, UV rays and general weathering without altering its properties.
  • Silancolor Paint does not only protect the surface, but has a very pleasing smooth, opaque and velvet effect to the touch.
  • It is also suitable for applications in interiors on gypsum or old paints as long as they are well bonded to the substrate, do not chalk and Silancolor Primer has been applied previously.

Please be aware that the colours shown here are a representation only. COLOURCARDS are available. 

Consumption: 200-300g/m2 for two coats.

Coverage of 20kg tub: 66-100m2 for two coats.

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Perfect - Dealing with Lime Stuff is very easy,the products and service are unbeatable. Thanks for your help and advice Peter 2017-09-26

very good - goes on well onto a very rough surface of new render. used a lot more than the guide suggested, due to the absorbent rough render tom 2017-10-05

Excellent paint easily applied - Would recommend. The Tickled pink turned out to be slightly darker than the colour chart but still what we wanted. Pink different when wet or at different time of day - but always good. Calculated area reasonably accurately but had to add nearly 50% to cover all twice. Reason probably absorption rate on old surfaces (part lime partly cement rendered rough). Application good. Very happy with result and would use again. Helpful company and easy to order. Beware delivered on pallet and lorries 12+ tons. Jim D 2018-06-01

Just finished - It is with great relief, sore hands and not a little wine that I've just finished prepping and painting a problematic wall on a slate cottage. It's had all sorts done to it over the years. I was very nervous that the paint wouldn't give the promised coverage as it took more than half for the 1st coat. The wall is far from smooth and I wondered if I should have allowed for that in the sq meterage. I watered the rest down a very little more than recommended to ensure I'd have enough. I have almost 1/4 left over and excellent coverage! I don't know yet if it will solve the dire damp problem, but remain hopeful with firmly crossed fingers having done all I can save building an extension on it. Expensive paint, I hope it's worth it. As an aside, the first coat revealed loads of small but significant holes. I filled these with a silicone sealant then realised it can't be painted over. Eeeek! This paint does seem to have covered it, perhaps because it's also silicone based. B Freeman 2018-07-08

Superb results - Needed a breathable paint for a lime mortar and brick old barn. The product was east to apply, covered well and went further than we expected. The Devon Cream walls and charcoal footing look absolutely stunning. Efficient and helpful technical support from Limestuff too. Thank you Paul and Wendy Turner 2019-09-05

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