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Peelaway 7 Paint Removal


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  • Peelaway 7 removes multiple layers of most modern industrial and domestic paint in one application. For the removal of older coatings we recommend PEELAWAY 1 paint removal system. However if you are unsure which product to use it's always best to test the area using the twin sample pack. The twin sample pack contains one 150g of Peelaway 1 and one 150g of Peelaway 7.
  • is easy and safe to use: has very little odour and naturally degradable.
  • safer to use than traditional Methylene Chloride paint strippers.
  • The unique paste formulation works effectively on the most intricate projects.
  • Effectively removes paints from woodwork, plaster, bricks, masonry, marine glass fibre and metal.

Peelaway 7 is a water and solvent-based paste which is formulated to remove more modern water-based coatings. Excellent results have also been achieved with combinations of oil and water-based coatings.

  • does not require neutralising and can be repainted within a few hours.
  • is much safer and more user friendly.  It is non caustic and does not burn skin in the event of accidental contact.
  • should not be used on certain plastics such as polycarbnates and perspex.
  • is recommended for use in removing paint from veneers, plywoods or aluminium.

The product comes as a complete kit including cover blankets, application spatula and neutraliser. These items are located inside the container. Also in stock and available to buy separately is the PEELAWAY STRIPPING KNIFE.


Peelaway 7 will work slower under 5C and will stop working under 0C.



Coverage will vary from project to project. Determining factors will include the number of layers to be stripped and the type of paint being stripped. However, as a rough guide you will need between 125g to 2kg per m2.

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product packaging - Good product - did job well but don't be in a hurry to take off the plastic sheet I would leave for at least two days. Unlike the Number 1 product the tub it came in does not have a rubber seal and therefore there was hard product around the edges of the plastic cover sheet in the tub/container - given the cost of the product this is a little irritating. 2017-08-16

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