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Cob Render - Top Coat Non Hydraulic


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Size: 1 tonne


This cob render mix was devised several years ago for one of our customers who specialises in traditional lime putty rendering of cob walls. 

A specific blend of sand, aggregates, chalk and CHALK LIME PUTTY.  With a fatty and sticky consistency it bonds brilliantly to chalk cobb walls.  Also available as a haired COB RENDER BACKING COAT

Available in 25kg bags or in bulk half tonne and tonne bags.


1 tonne will plaster 48m sq @ 10mm thickness. A 25kg tub/bag will cover 1.2m sq @ 10mm 

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Perfect topcoat to protect a Clay Pizza Oven - I built a clay Pizza oven in the garden over the summer, and was having to protect the clay from the elements with ugly plastic sheeting, and even then any drips of rain getting through washed away some clay meaning constant repairs. I read that a lime render was a good protective coating but didn't really want to mix my own render for such a small amount. This ready mixed topcoat was absolutely perfect, applied in 2 coats. It was easy to apply, drys to a sparkling white colour and is hard as nails. The 25kg tub was the perfect amount. I'm sure it will provide many years of protection. Excellent. Andy, Surrey 2016-10-11

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