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Size: 150g

Colour: Raw Sienna

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Pigments have traditionally been added to lime coatings to achieve colour.  These 'lime-fast' pigments are available to order in 150g packets or 450g tubs, ready to add to our LIMEWASH or LIME PLASTERS.  How much pigment you add will depend on the intensity of colour required.

To use, mix with a small amount of water to form a paste.  Then add to your limewash or lime plaster and mix well.  Always take care to avoid unwanted staining of clothes or furnishings.

Please remember that colours on a computer screen will vary to how they look in real life.  Please treat these images as a representation only.


Customer Reviews (6)


just right - good range, good price, good delivery,better than our local lime centre Alan T 2015-02-24

Good stuff - Good stuff. It would be nice if it included rough guidelines regarding colour outcome when mixed with x amount of sand/lime, especially for first time users. Jack 2015-09-28

Looks good - So far we have only tried a small amount to test out what the colour will look like as we haven't yet finished lime rendering our property and will wait for summer to paint when fully dry so cannot comment on product fully - agree it would be a nice idea to have some indication of colour with ratio of mixing to lime and water to avoid having to purchase a lot of sample colours 2016-04-06

Excellent - Just what I wanted - but needs a little more advice on application and use. W K Turner 2016-08-19

Does the job well - Our walls have an odd mixture of pointing and the older parts use lime mixed with local soil which is quite red from the ironstone deposits. Standard 'course stuff' is far too white so adding in the pigment gives it a colour that is much closer to the original. Working out the mix is 'interesting' but a bit of variation actually works well. 2017-06-02

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