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Earthborn Silicate Paint Bonding Primer


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Earthborn's new Bonding Primer has been specifically formulated for use with their Silicate paints in areas where breathability is not needed such as previously painted exterior walls.

What is the difference between Earthborn Silicate Primer and Earthborn Bonding Primer?

Earthborn Silicate Primer is designed to be used on bare porous mineral-based surfaces such as lime render, stone, masonry, concrete, pebbledash, and plaster. It forms a chemical bond with a porous surface and becomes part of the wall. It cannot form this bond on a pre-painted masonry wall. Bonding Primer provides a mechanical bond between a ‘sealed’ wall and the paint, which allows Silicate Masonry Paint to ‘stick’ to the pre painted surface.

If you have areas of old paint on your walls which you can't remove, you can spot prime with Bonding Primer. Although, please be aware that these areas won't be breathable. You can then prime the remainder of the unpainted wall with Silicate Primer. For the second coat apply a mixture of 20% Silicate Primer and 80% Silicate Masonry Paint over the whole area. Then finish with a final coat of Silicate Masonry Paint.

How durable is the Bonding Primer?

The Bonding Primer and Silicate Masonry Paint have a similar durability to other masonry paints of around 5-6 years depending on where the property is located.


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