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Pointsman Plastering Hawk


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Size: 295mm


The Pointsman is an exciting new plastering hawk designed from the ground up by experienced builders for comfort, precision and increased productivity. The lightweight tool features an angled, lightweight grip ergonomically designed to fit the natural resting position of the wrist.


We believe The Pointsman is the right tool for the job. The affordable plastering solution is more efficient than traditional hawks boosting productivity and reducing mess. The wide range of sizes make the tool accessible to both professional builders and DIY enthusiast. It works hand in hand with your traditional plastering tool kit.


Pack Details

The Pointsman pack includes:

- 1 x Aluminium Top Plate

- 1 x Pointsman Angled Grip

- 1 x Rubber Screw Cover

- 1 x Set of Nuts and Bolts

- Instructions Leaflet

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