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Product Code: 235mm

The Pointsman Pointing Hawk


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A redesigned ergonomic pointing hawk.

Current pointing hawks offer little comfort for users and often result in uncomfortable body positions.  This redesigned pointing hawk, ergonomically focused, has an added front lip to help apply mortar.  The user is therefore able to point bricks with added comfort and ease.

Ergonomic Handle

The Pointsman's handle is at 60 degrees from horizontal which offers increased ergonomic comfort.  The orientation of the handle means less strain is put on the wrist as this position is more natural.  Current pointing hawk handles are at 90 degrees to the top plate, which can put added strain on the users wrist.

Rubber cushion

Where the handle meets the top plate, a rubber cushion allows the user to comfortably rest the plate on the top of their hand. This enables the weight of the hawk and mortar to be taken with the shoulder and bicep reducing the strain on the forearm for comfortable all day use.

Application Lip

The application lip allows a more precise direct application of mortar from the pointing hawk to the wall.  The user can access lower areas with less strain on their wrist, whilst the lip also helps to apply and retain the mortar.




Customer Reviews (3)


Simple, effective twist on an old theme. - I used the Pointsman for the first time to repoint a house. I found it very comfortable to use and the application lip at the front is a great, simple idea. It is well made and would last a lifetime. I would strongly recommend it. Ryde Builders 2016-04-04

In constant demand - We bought the smallest hawk in the Pointsman family (235mm). Light-weight and comfortable to use this tool has been in constant demand - may need to buy another. Expensive in comparison to some others but this hawk should last a long time. Joule Solutions Ltd 2016-05-17

Great bit of kit - Great piece of kit that any pointer should have, versatile and much better than using a plasters hawk, would recommend and buy again. Shaun 2017-06-17

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