Lime Stuff

Chesil Rectory - Lime Render Repair

This landmark building in Winchester is a 600 year old grade II listed Medieval house.

Lime Stuff supplied:

Mapei Silancolor Paint in Devon Cream


Fine Stuff.

The end wall had been repaired in the 1980s, surprisingly for this time, with a lime render.  However, it had been laid onto a plastic membrane in attempt to weatherproof the frame.  The detail photo on the left shows this before the plastic membrane was removed.

Gaps had started to appear between the frame and the panels, trapping moisture inside.  To reduce the impact on the building, it was decided that the edges would be taken back and repaired with LIMETEC.

A small amount of FINE STUFF was used to smooth off some of the rougher areas.

The side panels were painted in SILANCOLOR PAINT in Devon Cream which proved to be a perfect match for the existing paint on the front. 


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