Lime Stuff

Enford House - Chalk Blocks & Cob Repair

Work carried out in Enford, by Nick Buxcey of Paint and Lime.

Lime Stuff supplied:

Chalk Blocks,

Cob Render Backing Coat,

Cob Render Top Coat,

Earthborn Silicate Paint (White),

Mapei Silancolor in White and Charcoal.

The owners had recently purchased this old cob house. The rear of the building needed stripping, partial rebuild due to the damage caused by cement and wire repairs over the years. Using local materials, chalk bricks and lime mortars the wall once again became a breathable structure. The whole house was then repainted with Earthborn Silicate Masonary paint on the new wall and the remainder in Mapei Silancolor.

The old lime render and cement render was removed.

The bricks on the right hand side of the window were in poor condition so were removed and replaced with our made-to-order CHALK BLOCKS.

The wall was covered with a lime and sand harle coat using a NHL 2 and our WAREHAM WASHED SAND.  This serves to stabilise the wall.

Our HAIRED COARSE STUFF was applied and then scratched to prevent and control any cracking.  It was then covered with wet HESSIAN to slow down the drying process.

Our COB RENDER TOP COAT was applied, again covered with hessian and allowed to dry.  Finally it was painted with EARTHBORN SILICATE PAINT.

The main part of the house was painted withMAPEI SILANCOLOR MASONRY PAINT in white.  The plinth was painted in MAPEI SILANCOLOR MASONRY PAINT in Charcoal.

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