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Graphenstone GCS Exterior Paint


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Size: 4L

Color: Pearl Barley


Lime-silicate blend colour paint for exteriors

  • Flat Matt – Rich natural finish
  • Traditional – Natural lime and silicate paint
  • Breathable - Reduces condensation and allows walls to breathe
  • Durable –Wet scrub resistant: class 1
  • Healthy – Free of VOC's and harmful toxins
  • Colourfast– uses strong exterior pigments

Strengthened with graphene.

GCS Exterior Premium is perfect for decorating façades for a coloured, matte finish. Specially selected pigments ensure tough and long-lasting colours. It guarantees the sustainability, durability and breathability of your building.

Often used for heritage & listed properties; highly breathable.

Apply Graphenstone GCS Exterior Primer prior to use.

Coverage: Up to 18m²/L

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