Earthborn Interior Claypaint - Tester Pot


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Colour: Trilby

Sandy Castle Grassy Skipper Up Up Away Crocky Road White Clay Ballet Shoe Bobble Hat Bo Peep Bugle Can Can Cat's Cradle Cupcake Cricket Delilah Daisy Chain Donkey Ride Dorothy Eiderdown Eyebright Feather Pillow Fiddlesticks Flower Pot Flutterby Freckle Fresh Air Gingham Grasshopper Gregory's Den Hidey Hole Hippo Hooray Hobby Wood Hobgoblin Hopscotch Humpty Dumpty Inglenook Jemima Kissing Gate Lady Bug Lemony Lily Lily Rose Little Rascal Marbles Maybe Maggie Milk Jug Mister Toad Mittens Muddy Boots Nellie Paw Print Peach Baby Piglet Polka Dot Posset Reading Room Riding Hood Rocky Horse Rosie Posie St John Sapling Seagull Secret Room Shallows Smigden Straw Sunday Stroll The Lido Teacup Tick Tock Tom's Bakery Trilby Tuffet Toy Soldier Trumpet Vanilla Whisker Wood Smoke


Earthborn claypaint is an exciting alternative to emulsion which has a distinctive, ultra matt finish that softens and enhances the light in your room. Its health and environmental benefits are unbeatable too. Advanced techniques which maximise the natural properties of clay create a high performance paint that is free of VOCs and other harmful emissions, odour free, totally oil free and highly breathable.

Earthborn claypaint is also very forgiving and often needs a coat less than conventional paints.

Available in an extended range of colours.  Please be aware that colours will vary on a computer screen.  Earthborn's COLOURCARD is free of charge when you order it from us and will ensure you are choosing the correct shade.

  Great for:

  • all interior settings, including kitchens, bathrooms and nurseries
  • older properties with potential damp problems
  • newly plastered walls and ceilings
  • hiding hairline cracks
  • interior masonry or timber
  • lime substrates.

Available in 750ml, 2.5 litre or 5 litre tins, or as a tester pot.

Download Technical Data Sheet Here.

Also available is Earthborn's range of EGGSHELL and SILICATE PAINTS.

We also have a range of high quality and eco friendly paintbrushes for sale HERE.


Actual coverage will depend upon absorbency of the surface and method of application. Remember, claypaint may require one less coat than you expect.

Approx coverage 5L: 50sqm  2.5L: 25sqm


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