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Adaptavate Granulated Primer


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Size: 5 ltr

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Adaptavate Grip Coat is a universal plaster primer suitable for all substrates. A healthier alternative to standard primer, Adaptavate Grip Coat is preservative-free, odour-free, has no toxic chemical emissions and is breathable (vapour diffusion-open). For use on difficult and particularly smooth surfaces, this granulated plaster primer provides better adhesion for follow-up coatings of Breathaplasta.

Applied using a brush or roller, Adaptavate Grip Coat requires only the addition of a single primer coat prior to the application of BREATHAPLASTA and the treated surface can be plastered after only 4-6 hours.

Available in 5 litre plastic tub with approximate coverage of 60m2.

Available in 10 litre plastic tub with approximate coverage of 120m2.

Exact consumption depends on substrate properties, application method and surface quality.

Excellent choice for priming before plastering.

  • Universal primer
  • For all wall substrates
  • Provides excellent adhesion
  • Breathable and non-toxic

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