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Isolating Primer


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Size: 750ml


Where to use:

Earthborn Isolating Primer is used to treat dry stains before overpainting with water based paints such as EARTHBORN ECOPRO EMULSION or EARTHBORN CLAYPAINT. Using this primer will help prevent water spots, nicotine and fat stains bleeding through the new paintwork. It is also an excellent primer for cotton and mineral plasters and is suitable for the isolation of wood fibre boards.

What to do first:

To get the best from Earthborn Isolating Primer make sure all surfaces are sound, dry and free from dust. If the surface has been previously painted, remove any loose materials.  When using directly on fresh plaster, ensure it is completely dry first.

How to apply:

Earthborn Isolating Primer has a gel-like consistency - give it a good stir before use. Apply evenly with a roller or brush.  The drying time depends on temperature and humidity. As a guide, a coat wll be touch dry after 4-5 hours and ready to be painted after 24 hours.


Approximately 5-7m2 per litre depending on surface properties.

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