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Limewash off-white


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What is limewash? What is limewash used for?

  • Limewash was traditionally used as a paint for lime plasters and lime renders.  It is used internally and externally and is suitable for most old and historic buildings.
  • Our off-white limewash is made on site using our slaked chalk lime putty, which has been matured for at least three months. It has a subtle creamy/white colour.
  • Delivered nationwide in 15 litre or 5 litre tubs, singularly or on a pallet.  

How do I apply limewash? How many coats of limewash do I need?

  • Limewash is much thinner than modern paints, as such a new lime plaster render will require at least four coats.
  • 1 ltr of limewash will cover approximately 3-6sqm, a 15 litre tub will cover approximately 75sqm with one coat.
  • Use as it is, or mix with our PIGMENTS to achieve a range of colours.
  • The addition of 1% RAW LINSEED OIL into the final coat externally will give the limewash additional watershedding properties. i.e. 150ml per 15 litres.
  • It is important to keep the surface damp while applying limewash. SPRAYERS are available to buy here.
  • Apply with one of our FLAT LIMEWASH BRUSHES

Our LIMEWASH USER GUIDE has more information on applying limewash and limewash additives. Or see our User Guide on BREATHABLE EXTERIOR PAINT for alternative solutions.




Customer Reviews (3)


Excellent product and service - Haven't used limewash before and was a bit hesitant when I opened the product and even after mixing was left with what felt like such a thin consistency. However 2-3 days after applying the 2nd coat any concerns were dispelled as the limewash really started to develop and both the colour and the coverage started to bloom. Looking forward to seeing the finished result. Plus so easy to hose away any excess left on our paving. 2015-04-13

Lovely limrwash! - Great colour and finish and delivery really quick. Thank you. Sheila 2016-05-13

Easy to Apply - Never used limewash before. Collected from Salisbury as I wanted to see the colour. When applied to the new lime render on the cottage it was whiter than I expected but still OK. Coverage was spot on. Bit of spillage from tubs on the way home as tops don't seal very well and sellotape which had been used to didn't really work. When we used better tape on trip to the cottage it was fine. Staff in Salisbury really helpful and will probably return for interior paint in the future. 2017-08-04

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