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Earthborn Wall Glaze


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Size: 2.5L


Where to use

Earthborn Wall Glaze is a water based, clear glaze for interior use. This versatile product that can be used in a number of various ways:

1. As a stabiliser on powdery coatings such as LIMEWASH or distemper. Surfaces can then be overpainted with EARTHBORN CLAYPAINT.

2. It provides a washable, protective glaze when applied on top of Earthborn Claypaint or Ecopro Emulsion..  

3. It can be also be combined with pigments for use as a colour wash or for special decorative effects.

What to do first  

To get the best from Earthborn Wall Glaze make sure the surface is smooth, clean, dust and grease free, absorbant and dry.  If the surface has been preiously painted with gloss or varnish, make sure you thoroughly sand it before you start.

How to apply

Give a good stir before use.

To use as a stabiliser dilute with water at a ratio of 1 part Wall Glaze to 1 part water. 

To use as a protective glaze: Dilute with water (recommended 1 part Wall Glaze to 3 or 4 parts water.)  Apply a thin, even coat by brush, roller or spray.  For added protection, apply a second thin coat.

Drying time varies with environmental conditions and dilution.

*The user is recommended to test the product on the intended surface to ensure its suitability.

Looking for an external breathable sealer, have a look at EARTHBORN SILICATE PRIMER



Up to 50m2 per litre of Wall Glaze (when diluted).

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