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Earthborn Exterior Silicate Paint

  • Earthborn Silicate Paint
  • Eco-Pro Silicate Paint in 10L
  • Earthborn Silicate Paint Colourcard
  • Silicate Paint in White
  • Silicate Paint in White
  • Silicate Paint - Code 2022
  • Silicate Paint in Sandstone
  • Smarten up exterior masonry with this fresh, traditional shade of white.
  • A subtle, grey-white that's perfect for modern and period properties alike.
  • With palest pink undertones, Bath provides an elegant colour for exterior masonry.
  • A warm, downy neutral, Chalk adds a touch of colour without overpowering exterior surfaces.
  • Hats off to this pale grey! A timeless shade that compliments all property types.
  • Some greys can appear cold, but this shade has a small amount of brown that works especially well in natural light.
  • A supremely versatile shade, Ivory is light and fresh.
  • A touch deeper than Ivory, Buttermilk is a carefully balanced neutral that's easy to live with.
  • Sandstone adds warmth to a property exterior whilst still retaining a fresh feel.
  • Primrose is a light yellow, honeyed tone that's especially suited to country properties.
  • Both classic and contemporary, Oatmeal is a rich, vanilla shade of deep cream.
  • Like a warm glow of sunshine! Honeycomb bathes exterior masonry surfaces in warmth and light.
  • A classic, creamy shade of off white.
  • Warmer than Buttermilk, with a touch less pink than Bath, York sets the tone for a timeless exterior.
  • Neither too yellow nor too brown, Cotswold is a deep, well balanced cream.
  • We're peachy keen on this easy-going, subtle shade.  A light touch for exterior walls.
  • The pinkish-brown tone of Blush has a calming feel that's enhanced in natural light.
  • A rich, earthy choice for exterior masonry surfaces, the deep tone of Cob mellows when used on a larger surface.
  • A relaxed, timeless shade that sits between green and light grey depending on the light.
  • A pretty shade of pale green with a hint of blue.
  • Named after the county's traditional pink cottages, Suffolk lends a charming, country feel to exterior masonry.
  • A softened version of cobalt, this light blue provides a relaxed, coastal feel.
  • With a little more pink than Honeycomb, Apricot is a refreshing yet mellow tone for masonry.
  • A strong, true shade of grey, Slate suits both contemporary and traditional properties.
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Earthborn Exterior Silicate Paint

Earthborn Eco-Pro Silicate Paints are a durable and highly breathable alternative to conventional masonry paint and limewash that dries to a classic, matt finish. This is supported by a water based primer to stabilise loose, powdery or absorbent surfaces.


  • Formulated for use on lime render and other mineral surfaces.

  • Unparallelled lifespan: creates a chemical bond.

  • Low acrylic content: exceptional breathability.

  • High alkalinity: deters algae growth.

  • 10ltr tub weighs 15.6kg


Earthborn Silicate Paint is easy to apply with a standard brush, roller or suitable spray gun.  Allow 5 - 7 sq m/litre, depending on the absorbency and texture of substrate, and 12 hours drying time between coats. Thus, 10L will cover approx. 60m2 and 750ml 4.5m2.

The Ecopro Silicate System requires all surfaces to be primed with a single coat of ECO PRO SILICATE PRIMER followed by two coats of Eco Pro Silicate Masonry Paint (first coat must be diluted with 10-20% Ecopro Silicate Primer).

Do not use below 5 degrees.

What are Silicate Paints?

Developed over 100 years ago this type of paint has been tried and tested over decades so you can be assured that you will not be using some new wonder paint that turns out not to be so wonderful. They comprise of mineral fillers with an algicide and pigments in a binder of potassium silicate.  They work in a different way to conventional masonary paints which create a film over the surface. Silicate paints penetrate the substrate and form a chemical bond with it - a process called silification. This ensures a very high rate of moisture vapour permeability. 

How long will it last?

Its durability is one of its key benefits. After an initial primer coat and 2 topcoats it will last up to 15 years before requiring another coat. Compared to a limewash which usually requires a fresh coat every 2-3 years it is also a very cost effective alternative.

Where can I use silicate paints?

Because of the way the paint bonds it can be used on mineral surfaces such as lime render/plaster, brick, cement render and stone. The surfaces must be bare and any previous paints removed. It is possible to use a silicate paint over previously limewashed backgrounds ensuring that the limewash has been brushed down and is not dusting or flaking. They are mainly used externally but because of their durability they are often used internally on historic properties which recieve a high level of traffic such as stairwells where a limewash would require frequent reapplications.


Download Technical Data Sheet Here.

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  1. Very good quality paint - Unknown, 23rd Jul 2019

    Very good quality paint

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jul 2019

    This paint is lovely, it goes on very easily and has a good dense colour